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The European regulatory level has a decisive influence on the structure of the EU internal market. The TÜV Association’s work focuses on harmonisation legislation for the placing of products on the market, which among others legally regulates the safety requirements for products such as toys, machines and medical devices, as well as their assessment. One important focus is the integration of new technologies such as the connectivity of products and the use of artificial intelligence and ensuring their safety. In addition to digitalisation, environmental and sustainability aspects such as the introduction of European due diligence legislation are also priorities in the association’s work.

With its office in Brussels, the TÜV Association is an important contact for political decision-makers. The TÜV Association contributes its technical expertise to the political discourse. Its work focuses on ensuring an adequate level of security within Europe. A robust regulatory framework is required for this that clearly defines and safety requirements and verification mechanisms and makes these mandatory. The digital challenges must be taken sufficiently into account, according to the level of risk.



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Head of Brussels Office

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