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The TÜV Association is committed to technical and digital safety and security in products, systems and services by means of independent testing.

Critical Raw Materials Act

With the EU Critical Raw Materials Act, the European Commission aims to strengthen European sovereignty in the raw materials value chain. The TÜV Association welcomes this…

EU legislation

The TÜV Association is committed to strengthening the European Single Market and making it viable for the future.

Position Paper on a new Ecodesign Regulation

The TÜV Association welcomes the proposal for an Ecodesign Regulation submitted by the EU Commission in order to increase the ecological sustainability of products over their…

Policy recommendations

The TÜV Association has published a series of position papers addressing the current EU legislative period. They provide recommendations on various policy issues ranging from EU product legislation and trade over cybersecurity and AI to mobility. 


Your contact in Brussels

If you have any questions on our positions on European policy, you can find the direct contact to our Head of Brussels Office here. 

Brussels Office



CRA: TÜV Association calls for more ambitious regulation


Toy Safety Regulation


Cyber Resilience Act


Sustainability reports: Business associations warn of bottlenecks


Make AI regulation ambitious and future-proof


Verification of sustainability reports

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EU Directive Proposal: Environmental Claims Communication


Recommendations for the AI Act trilogue negotiations


Critical Raw Materials Act


TÜV Association welcomes comprehensive requirements for batteries

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The publishing house of the TÜV Association coordinates the editorial coordination, production and publication of all technical rules of the TÜV Association. The rules and regulations can be obtained from the TÜV Associations' shop.

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