Reducing emissions across Europe with the Euro VII emissions standard

The European Commission is currently preparing a new draft of the exhaust emission standard VI. This standard regulates the pollutant emissions of petrol and diesel vehicles in Europe. Read the concept proposal of the Technical Services of TÜV and DEKRA here.

© Matt Boitor via Unsplash

In December 2019, the European Union published its "Green deal“ and with it announced a new "zero-pollutant action plan". The strategy paper sets out a "clear path from 2025 towards zero-emission mobility". The EU Commission's current "Fit for 55" initiative now provides the Green Deal with a clear framework for achieving the zero emission target in the transport sector. 

In addition to the development of new drive technologies and synthetic fuels, the focus must also be on reducing pollutant emissions from diesel  and gasoline vehicles. To this end, the EU Commission has introduced exhaust emissions standards that limit the emission of pollutants. The EU Commission is currently working on the provisions of the "Euro 7 / VII" legislation. From the point of view of the technical services of TÜV and DEKRA, these regulations should be published and introduced as soon as possible and with a reasonable lead time.


  • The technical services are committed to both technology neutrality and openness and neutrality for innovative drive concepts.
  • The test requirements and limit values should in principle apply regardless of the type of drive of the vehicles.
  • The concept of Whole Life Compliance should be expedited/advanced via Euro 7 / VII-legislation and linked to subsequent roadworthiness requirements. The requirements for PTI must already be taken into account during type approval.


Concept proposal