Recommendations for the AI Act trilogue negotiations

With the AI Act, the EU wants to lead the way in regulating AI to promote safe use and European competitiveness. The TÜV Association supports this and provides concrete recommendations to ensure that a robust and effective regulatory framework can be created.

© Fili Santillán via Unsplash

With the Artificial Intelligence Act (AI Act), the European Union aims to become a pioneer in the regulation of AI. The aim is to enable the trustworthy and safe use of AI systems and to ensure the competitiveness of European AI development. The EU Commission published its proposal in April 2021. After intensive negotiations, the Council has agreed its position in December 2022 and the EU Parliament (EP) in June 2023. The joint trilogue negotiations have started and are to be concluded as far as possible under the Spanish Council Presidency. 

The TÜV Association has already comprehensively positioned itself on the AI Act during the legislative process. This position paper provides concrete recommendations in order to achieve a robust and effective regulatory framework. In our view, the priority objective of the EU legislator should be to ensure that only safe AI systems are placed on the market, thus strengthening the necessary level of trust of people in AI-based products and systems. Only in this way can a rapid market penetration of high-quality AI systems be enabled, and "AI Made in Europe" become a genuine quality standard and competitive advantage for European companies.


Recommendations for the AI Act trilogue negotiations