Environmental and climate protection in mobility

In its new position paper, the TÜV-Association explains how modern emission measurement can contribute to environmental and climate protection.

©Nick ter Haar via Unsplash

The issues with diesel in the last years and court-imposed driving bans highlight the problem of air pollution by road vehicles and add new momentum to the ongoing debate on the necessity of rethinking transportation and mobility in light of the challenges posed by climate change. The objective must be to reduce the impact of exhaust emissions and noise from road traffic on the environment and the population to the bare minimum. Periodic exhaust emissions testing is carried out during the periodic technical inspection (PTI) and makes a significant contribution to improving air quality. Modernized emissions testing procedures can detect even more high-emissions vehicles and force them to undergo repairs or be decommissioned.

Our Positions:

  • Adapt emissions testing to modern vehicle technology
  • Restrict vehicle noise-emissions to a minimum
  • Promote alternative drive technologies

Download the position paper

Position paper: Environmental and climate protection in mobility