Connected Mobility

Digitalisation does not stop at the mobility sector: it is therefore high time to set up standards for handling of vehicle data.

©Hamza Nouasria via Unsplash

The Internet of Things (IoT) is bringing about large-scale transformation in all areas of our society. The ecosystems emerging will lead to increased digital interaction, deeper integration of value chains and an increasing interdependence among market participants. Data availability, customer choice and trust in the security of data usage are essential to the functionality, innovation and growth of this new digital economy. New developments such as connected driving and multi-modal usage models in mobility are accompanied by increased connectivity and data communication. An important element of digital transformation in mobility is to ensure the security of data and connected vehicles and systems and to establish the requisite credibility in this regard. Cyber-security and data protection are key to ensuring a reliable, sustainable and secure economy, especially in the mobility sector.

Our Position:

  • Enable access to and provision of mobility data - secure, neutral and standardised

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Position paper: Connected mobility