Advanced vocational training requires funding and support

Digitalisation makes the advanced vocational training of employees necessary. Policy makers must act now to ensure that opportunities for advanced vocational can also be taken up.

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In our rapidly changing occupational landscape, advanced vocational training plays an important role. Disruptive technologies and new digitization trends are placing ever new demands on people and require constant improvement and adaptation of existing skill sets. With around 20,000 courses held at 150 locations each year, TÜV Academies are among the largest providers of basic and advanced vocational training in Germany. Their portfolio ranges from technology to management and healthcare to the environment and is constantly expanded to cover new topics in order to keep pace with changes in the workplace.

Lawmakers must provide incentives to make advanced vocational training available to as many people as possible and increase their chances of participating in the digital economy. On the one hand, this includes using regulatory measures to encourage companies to give their employees time off to participate in training courses. On the other hand, a promotion of a work culture is needed in which employees view advanced vocational training as an opportunity.

In addition to stimulating demand, it is also necessary to support the supply and development of high-quality advanced vocational training courses. Europe-wide recognition of advanced training courses and the introduction of a ‘digital credit point’ system could increase participation in training courses and seminars. Centres of excellence for the workplace of tomorrow would allow people to experience new technologies and how they will change the way we work in the future.

Our Positions:

  • Establish digital skills as an integral part of advanced vocational training
  • Establish regional centres of excellence for digital vocational training courses
  • Focus EU funding programmes on boosting digital skills

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Position paper: Advanced vocational training