Driver's Aptitude

Medical-psychological examination assesses the driver's qualification
MPU Führerschein © Knipserin – fotolia.com
© Knipserin – fotolia.com

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs entails major risks for the person itself and other road users. Drivers who have collected many points for traffic violations also pose a hazard. Germany has established a system of medical-psychological examinations (MPU). The assessment facilities for driving qualifications at the TÜV organisations support drivers in getting back their driver's licence. If the facility issuing the driver’s licence has doubts about whether a driver is qualified to drive a motor vehicle, they can request a medical report or medical-psychological examination. The MPU offers an opportunity to eliminate any doubts regarding driving qualifications and helps drivers getting back their licence. The effectiveness of the MPU is confirmed scientifically and has a good standing within the German society.