General Terms and Conditions

When you click on the “read and accepted” box during the ordering process, you automatically enter into a contract based on the following terms and conditions:

1. Object and content of the contract

It is possible to purchase VdTÜV publications from our online shop at We offer these publications in printed versions or as digital versions for downloading.

All VdTÜV publications are created and issued by VdTÜV; VdTÜV is the contractual partner.

The present General Terms and Conditions form the basis of the contract. By agreeing to the contract you accept them and confirm that you have acknowledged these terms and that they are an integral part of the contract.


2. Ordering

Users can order VdTÜV publications as printed versions or as digital versions for downloading. Before submitting an order, users have to register by entering the required details in the input screen.

Thereafter, the user has to choose and enter a user name and a password, which the user can select freely.

The user is responsible for maintaining secrecy of user name and password.

Having initiated the ordering process, the user will receive an order confirmation via e-mail.


3. Delivery

Depending on the order, either the user receives a downloadable file or a printed copy of the publication by post. 

1. Download of a file in PDF format: VdTÜV makes the documents available in PDF format on a server, where they can be retrieved by the user. The customer retrieves the content or the relevant article from the system by clicking on a link. The length of time available for use or access to the article is 14 days. After expiration of this period, the user can no longer access the selected article. The user himself is responsible for obtaining access to the Internet and World Wide Web, such access is not part of the contract.

2. Printed version: Following receipt of order, the customer receives the printed publications with the invoice, generally within 5 days. Delivery costs are based on the current postal charges. 


4. Payment, prices

Items are offered for sale by VdTÜV without obligation and subject to change without notice. The sales price offered is binding. The prices include the valid legal rate of VAT, plus delivery costs, if there is no stipulation to the contrary.

If the publication ordered by the customer is not available, VdTÜV informs the customer immediately and reimburses any payments already made by the customers. In this case, VdTÜV is released from the obligation to supply the product. Publications are paid for based on invoice. When selling the publications, VdTÜV works together with the company TÜV-Media GmbH with regard to payment and invoicing procedures. TÜV-Media GmbH issues the invoice on behalf and in the name of VdTÜV corresponding to the items ordered that are subject to payment. If no other terms of payment are stated on the invoice, the invoiced amount must be paid to TÜV-Media GmbH within 14 days of provision of service/receipt of goods and without deduction. Following expiry of this period, the customer is deemed to be in arrears of payment. During the period of the arrears, private customers (consumers) are liable to pay an extra charge amounting to 5%, and corporate customers a charge of 8% above the base lending rate. The customer is only entitled to offset payments if his claims have been confirmed in legally binding form or have been recognised and accepted by VdTÜV.

5. Data protection

The data of the customer which refer to the business relationship are stored and processed electronically by VdTÜV in the sense of the German Federal Data Protection Act. VdTÜV only makes use of the customer addresses/data for its own purposes, including transfer-on of the customer data to TÜV-Media AG for the purpose of contract fulfilment. Otherwise, customer data are not transferred on to third parties.  

6. Retention of title

In the case of contracts with private customers (consumers), VdTÜV retains title to the goods up to complete payment of the purchase price. In the case of contracts with corporate customers, VdTÜV retains title to the goods until all claims from a current business relationship have been met. The customer is obliged to handle and treat the goods with care during the period of the retention of title. In cases of contractual infringement by the customer, in particular in cases of arrears and delay in payment, VdTÜV is entitled to withdraw from the contract and to demand return of the goods supplied.

7. Scope of use

  1. All rights, in particular copyright and rights of use of the publications placed at the disposal of the customer are held exclusively by VdTÜV.
  2. The user is entitled to make use of the publication placed at his disposal for private purposes in return for payment and is entitled to copy it into the working memory of his computer. Downloading and temporary storage for private purposes on a computer or monitor is permissible. The user is only entitled to create copies or reproductions (for example printouts of web pages or of the respective publication) for private purposes or for his own information purposes. In addition, the user may only utilise the publications called up for his own use. These entitlements only apply if protective marks and notes (copyright notes and similar) and also reproduction of marks and names remain in the reproduced material unchanged. Any other forms of reproduction, including photo-mechanical reproduction and entry into data bases including of parts of publications, and including for use within the user’s own company, are not permissible.  
  3. Archiving is only permitted under the following circumstances:
    - the archived collection may only serve for private and internal purposes of the party undertaking the archiving, in other words, exclusively in order to ensure continued existence of the publication and for so-called internal use;  
    - the archive may not be accessible to third parties;
    - it may also not be used for the purpose of creating reproductions or copies for third parties;
    - it may not lead to any additional use of the works.  
  4. For all other uses (including but not exclusively for reproduction for commercial purposes, including archiving, for transfer to or processing by third parties for own purposes or purposes of third parties or for public reproduction or presentation and also for translation, processing, arrangement or other revisions or modifications), prior written permission of VdTÜV must be sought. Within the Services a note can be found at a suitable location as to where extended modes of use can be licensed by VdTÜV.
  5. The user may not remove the copyright marks or notes and other retentions of rights from the data. The user is obliged to ensure recognition of the copyright. 


8. Warranty and liability

  1. VdTÜV does not have any influence on transfer of data via the Internet. Therefore VdTÜV does not accept any responsibility for ensuring, or issue a guarantee that, interactive processes reach the user correctly and/or that the process of dialling-in via the Internet is always guaranteed. In addition, it is not guaranteed that exchange of data is carried out at a certain speed.
  2. In addition, disturbances that result from defects or interruption of the computer of the user or the communication pathways from the user to the server or from improper use of the user name and/or password are not covered by warranty or guarantee.
  3. VdTÜV does not bear the risk of loss of data on the transfer path outside its area of influence or domain. Risk is transferred when the data or the publication is made available for call-up on the server. Neither does VdTÜV accept any liability for data security outside its area of influence.
  4. VdTÜV will repair any disturbances and errors which are greater than insignificant as soon as possible and will also attempt to eliminate insignificant disturbances within an appropriate time. VdTÜV will try to keep the service available on a continuous basis. However, the user is not entitled to continuous availability of the services of VdTÜV.
  5. The guarantee provided by VdTÜV is limited to the minimum required by law. The legal warranty periods also apply.  
  6. The customer is always obliged to check that the goods supplied correspond to the contract. Complaints are only permitted within one week of receipt of the goods. Hidden defects, which cannot be found following immediate inspection of the goods must be reported and pursued within the legal warranty period. In case of justified complaints, VdTÜV is obliged to provide repair and/or replacement at its discretion, excluding further claims. In the case of delayed or unsuccessful repair or replacement, or if repairs or replacement are not carried out, the customer can require a reduction in the purchase price or reversal of the contract. Defects in a part of the goods supplied do not entitle the customer to complain about the entire delivery, unless the partial delivery is not of interest to the customer.
  7. Except in cases of deliberate intent and gross negligence, VdTÜV does not accept any liability for the possibility and quality of access and the quality of the presentation, or for memory failure, interruption, any delays, deletion or transmission of errors during electronic communication.   
  8. VdTÜV is only liable in cases of deliberate intent and gross negligence. VdTÜV does not accept responsibility for the completeness or otherwise of the data. No guarantee that data will be free of errors can be accepted based on the state of technology.


9. Right of cancellation

  1. The following paragraphs only apply to customers who are to be viewed as private customers (consumers) according to § 13 Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch (German Civil Code - BGB). A consumer is any natural person who concludes a legal transaction for a purpose which is not based in his commercial or self-employed professional activity.
  2. The customer can cancel his agreement to the contract in text form within two weeks without stating a reason (for example by means of letter, fax, email), or can cancel the contract by returning the goods. This period begins at the earliest when this explanation of the right of cancellation is received and the goods are received by the customer.
  3. In order to meet the cancellation deadline, it is sufficient to despatch the cancellation or return the goods in good time.  
  4. The cancellation should be addressed to Verband der TÜV e.V., Friedrichstr. 136, 10117 Berlin, E-Mail:, Fax: 030 760095-401
  5. In the case of effective cancellation, the performance received by both parties must be returned and any utilisation of the goods must be rendered up.  
  6. If the customer cannot return the performance received to the seller in whole or in part, or only in a worse condition than the condition in which it was received, the customer must provide the seller with restitution of the lost value. In case of transfer of material goods this does not apply if the deterioration is attributable to inspection of the goods. The customer can also avoid restitution of the lost value if he does not make use of the material as if they were his own property and avoids all actions and circumstances that could reduce its value. 


10. Legal venue, place of fulfilment, effectiveness

The place of fulfilment is the registered office of VdTÜV, in other words Berlin, Germany.

The contractual relationship is governed by German law. The UN Convention on the International Sale of Goods is excluded.

If one or several provisions of this contract is invalid or ineffective, this shall not influence the effectiveness of the other provisions.