VdTÜV Position: Upgrade the Single Market with compliant products and services

Europe needs an effective market surveillance

VdTÜV welcomes the initiative of the European Commission (EC) to review the regulatory framework for the European Single Market. VdTÜV comments on the communication on "Upgrading the Single Market: more opportunities for people and business" from 28/10/2015 as follows:

  1. Uniform requirements for products and services as well as their conformity are key factors for a well-functioning single market.
  2. Better health protection and safety of European citizens by a higher level of conformity in the market.
  3. Europe needs effective market surveillance - eliminate systemic differences.
  4. Raise uniformly the intensity of market surveillance by concrete and strict legal requirements throughout Europe.
  5. Increase prevention by product testing prior to their marketing.
  6. Effective "Product Compliance Initiative" by independent third party testing.
  7. Independent testing funded by cause discharges the state and is more efficient.
  8. Concentrate market surveillance measures on products self-declared by manufacturers (SDoc).
  9. Presumption of conformity to independently tested products strengthens the principle of mutual recognition further.
  10. Standardization - market-driven, privately organized and funded.
  11. Respond to increasing hazard potential of established and new product groups.
  12. Design and apply consistently the “New Approach” as a coherent and internationally competitive regulatory framework for the marketing of products and services