Market Surveillance

National market surveillance has to identify and withdraw defective goods from the market. In reality, this principle is hardly applied. Numerous non-conforming and unsafe products remain unidentified. An independent testing by 3rd parties before the product launch would radically reduce the amount of unsafe products.
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In view of the very limited budgetary resources of the Member States, an expansion of market surveillance will only be possible to a very limited extent in future. As a complement to market surveillance, testing and certification of products by independent third parties in Europe, which is generally voluntary, is an effective instrument in order to maintain the necessary level of consumer protection. Preventive testing of products by independent bodies and market surveillance by public authorities can be considered complementary instruments to ensure that products in the Single Market are safe and conforming.

Latest Position


CEOC publishes position paper on Market Surveillance

In its position from 19/09/2016, CEOC International strengthens the importance of regulatory market surveillance and independent third party testing, joining the VdTÜV position from 16/10/2015.

Joint Position on the proposed EU Regulation concerning the approval and market surveillance of motor vehicles

The future type-approval procedure must be efficient and ensure that all vehicles placed on the market fulfil the legal and normative requirements.

VdTÜV Position: Effective market surveillance for Europe

The EU needs a well-organised, concerted and effective market surveillance in order to identify nonconforming and unsafe products as early as possible.