Lifts and Conveyor Technology

Regular tests and inspections carried out by neutral and independent experts ensure a high level of safety in technical installations. This applies, in particular, to systems such as lifts which play an important role in everyday life for many people. Lifts, escalators, cranes or other lifting devices and amusement rides have to meet specific requirements relating to their construction as well as to safety and operability and are subject to statutory tests and inspections.
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The system of technical surveillance in Germany provides for a clear division of duties for the technical safety: the operator of an installation is responsible for the safety and must regularly commission an independent and authorized inspection body to perform the technical test and inspection. The rules necessary for this are passed by the state, which also supervises the authorized inspection bodies.

Lifts are used daily by millions of people and are therefore particularly sensitive as regards safety aspects. Technical tests by the authorized inspection body (ZÜS) during 2015 revealed, that 38.6% of the installations in Germany were free of defects and almost half of the lifts inspected (47,72%) had only minor defects. Nevertheless, the German experts are unable to give the all-clear, as the number of the lifts inspected which had significant safety defects came to about 70.000 (13,04%). There does however seem to be a positive trend: The number of lifts inspected increased from 500.000 in 2014 to around 530.000 in 2015. By tradition, the safety of lifts inspected is very high in Germany. Lifts rank among the safest transport.