Fire and Explosion Protection

In processing, transporting and storing flammable liquids or substances, it is possible for gases, vapours or combustible dust to leak during operations such as filling, pumping or mixing. By reacting with the oxygen in the air, flammable gases or vapours can cause an explosion that can result in serious injury or material damage.
Feuer Explosion Explosionsgefahr
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Fire and explosion protection takes on great importance these days in relation to the protection of persons and property. Constructors, contractors and installation operators are often confronted with a great many technical rules concerning protection against fire and explosion as well as statutory requirements, with which the TÜV organisations can further assist.

The VdTÜV has published clarification sheets on the topic of fire and explosion protection by the ExNB (the European experience exchange forum of the notified bodies under Directive 94/9/EC). You can find and download these below.

Clarification Sheets of ExNBG

The ExNB Group is the experience exchange forum of the Notified Bodies engaged in the conformity assessment of equipment intended for the use in explosive atmospheres according to the ATEX Directive 2014/34/EC.