Digital Transformation

The dynamic development of information and communication technology (ICT) has radically changed the daily routine of most people and companies in the past years. Sensitive areas of primary care, communication and administration nowadays rely on a smooth and safe ICT. Accordingly, the experts of VdTÜV and its members deal intensively with all issues relating to safety and data protection.


VdTÜV position on the regulation proposal for a European “Cybersecurity Act”

As part of the 2017 cybersecurity strategy, the European Commission (EC) published a regulation proposal for the “EU Cybersecurity Agency” and the “Cybersecurity Act” in September 2017. VdTÜV welcomes the objective the EC is pursuing with this legislative initiative: Strengthening trust in the security of products and ensuring a higher level of cybersecurity through a consistent framework for the certification of IoT products.

VdTÜV Position: Data Protection, IT Security & Compliance as a Basis for New Business Models in Digital Connected Mobility

Modern cars with their large number of electronic control units are, according to the public opinion, susceptible to hacker attacks. Thus, IT security is becoming more and more important in the industry. VdTÜV emphasises three aspects that must be guaranteed: the operational safety of the vehicle, IT security and data protection as well as the privacy of drivers.

VdTÜV Position: Information security of smart products in Europe

Does the regulatory framework for product safety remain up to the task in regard to smart products or is there a need for legislative adjustments?


03 May 2017
Brussels, Belgium

Smart aftermarket and mobility services industry - Ready for the new connected mobility era

Policy lunch in Brussels organised by an alliance of mobility services associations

Cyber Security

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