TÜV Material Leaflets

TÜV Material Leaflets (TÜV-Werkstoffblätter) offer a condensed version of the appraisals the Expert Assessor Committee of the TÜV-Association agreed with regard to the Technical Rules for Plant and Equipment subject to Mandatory Inspection: Technische Regeln für überwachungsbedürftige Anlagen, e. g. Technical Rules for Steam Boilers (TRD), Technical Rules for Pressure Vessels (TRB), AD-/AD 2000 Code leaflets, Technical Rules for Compressed Gases (TRG), Technical Rules for Flammable Liquids (TRbF), German Nuclear Safety Standards Commission (KTA).

TÜV Material Leaflets are created and updated by a TÜV-Association working group in cooperation with the respective responsible associations and our member companies. They describe the chemical compositions, strength values and if appropriate, processing instructions. Our Material Leaflets and the respective supplements inform about the international manufacturers licensed to produce the corresponding materials, and their respective expiry dates.

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