VdTÜV Position: Benefits for the State, Economic Operators and Consumers

Confidence in safety is a prerequisite for the acceptance of technological progress

Trade in products and services is increasing every day. The value chain is becoming ever more complex, and safety cultures vary between different economic areas. This is why participants in the market have to develop a common understanding of the characteristics of products and services that have to be present and the requirements that have to be fulfilled. Herein lies the importance of binding rules, often in the form of standards, which describe these characteristics.

Products which circulate within the Single Market, also have to fulfil legal requirements. Conformity of products is therefore a prerequisite for a functioning internal market and for worldwide trade. Products are said to conform when they provide the promised performance and fulfil the requirements in reality. Through its independent conformity assessments, TÜV makes a major contribution to the acceptance of innovation and technological progress as a basis for sustainable growth and wellbeing throughout society. Confidence in safety is a prerequisite for the acceptance of innovation.

TÜV® stands for this approach.