VdTÜV in Brussels

Transport, consumer protection and trade industry are but a few of the policy areas which are principally developed in Europe.
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European legislative procedures have a direct effect upon national legislation in the Member States. The legal framework of consumer protection and the European Single Market, in particular, have their origin in Brussels and are then implemented in Germany. In order to obtain information about European legislative proposals at an early stage and to advice during this process, VdTÜV maintains an office in Brussels, which serves as an important interface between politicians, companies and the public. The association thereby permanently performs a 'translational and transformative role'. It maintains close links with the institutions of the EU as well as the European and international umbrella organisations of which it is a member:


The most important tasks of VdTÜV in Brussels include

  • identifying the European and international issues of the association
  • acting as the point of contact for political decision-makers on the issue of technical safety

Directions to our office in Brussels

Report from Brussels

Germany ranks third on the European Transport Scoreboard 2016

In the 2016 edition of the EU Transport Scoreboard comparing the 28 Member States, Germany shares the overall third rank with Austria. The top perfomers are the Netherlands (1st) and Sweden (2nd).

CEOC publishes position paper on Market Surveillance

In its position from 19/09/2016, CEOC International strengthens the importance of regulatory market surveillance and independent third party testing, joining the VdTÜV position from 16/10/2015.

EU Commission initiates transition to a low-emission mobility

The European Commission presented a package of measures to accelerate the shift to low-carbon emissions in all sectors of the economy in Europe on July 20, 2016. The transport sector will play a key role in it.