VdTÜV Position: Data Protection, IT Security & Compliance as a Basis for New Business Models in Digital Connected Mobility

Modern cars with their large number of electronic control units are, according to the public opinion, susceptible to hacker attacks. Thus, IT security is becoming more and more important in the industry. VdTÜV emphasises three aspects that must be guaranteed: the operational safety of the vehicle, IT security and data protection as well as the privacy of drivers.

According to the concept of the automotive manufacturers, the data should be transferred from the vehicle to their own secure servers, and other companies should then be given access to the data via these servers. The TÜV organisations oppose manufacturers holding onto data. VdTÜV proposes a concept called the "Automotive Platform", a uniformly integrated high-security platform, which is described as a "secure interface which can be locked and unlocked only with a key". Within this platform, the access privileges for the vehicle data are stored, and only the vehicle owner/ driver should have the authorisation of use.

With the "TrustCenter" concept, VdTÜV provides an own contribution to the discussion and complements the existing approaches to data use on a neutral server with secure, impartial and data protection-compliant cloud-based solutions. In accordance with the principles of "Compliance by Design" and data neutrality, the TrustCenter creates technical precautions to prevent competition barriers.


The full position is available for download below.

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